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  The most successful person may not be the smartest ones.According to a survey conducted among a group of people who were in the same university ten years ago , those whose grade-point average was in the middle fifty percent , all become rich or managers of different fields , while not a single young man of the upper ten percent becomes an executive or boss.

  Why the smartest kids in the classwill not end up the richest? Why those who are not excellent in studies tend to be managers or own their own enterprise in their later life? And what factors lead to success in career and life if brains are not the only answer? According to my observation , academic brightness is only part of the story , the other factors are very important.

  One ingredient , among other things , is good interpersonal skills. There is stong evidence that friendship can help to tide you over a period of difficulty. With a wide circle of friends who can be trusted yo provide

  information and resources, your chances of success are much higher. On the contrary , if you are competent in profession , but have difficulty in getting along with your colleagues and even your boss, you can hardly survive the corporation.

  Another component is the ability to express oneself . In today s world , what really counts is the ability to express oneself rather than technical competence or professional knowledge . The larger the orgnization of which you are an employee , and th fiercer the competition , the more important it will be that you know how to convey your thoughts and convince others of your ideas.

  Personality is also an important factor. Whatever difficulty or situation , those who appear relaxed and confident are nearer to success. Obviously , among the ingredients for success , intelligence counts for the half , the rest depends on your personality , and other abilities.


  Everyone in our life should face something we hate,or some one we never want to face.

  So,how can we face the difficulties.

  Difficulties happen all the time,but do not be afraid of difficultys.Just go ahead withe what we are doing with a smile.Do cry and have a smile ,which is the best way we can use to beat difficulties.Never give up and do your best for tomorrow's sunthine.Trust yourself ,believe in that tomorrow will be better.

  You see,no matter what difficulties we face,we always smile,don't we?So,earthquake we are not afraid because of our smile;hXnX, we are not afraid because of our smile....

  Together forever no matter what happens,and, with a smile,trust that everything can be soved!

  面对挫折的英语作文三:Attitudes Towards Failures

  Failure is common in our real life.It is somthing that inevitable to everyone.But people's attitudes failure differ.

  To those pessimists, failure is just like a mountain lies before them and prevent them from walking forward.when they face it,they give up easily.Only one failure is enough to make them feel sad,lose their hearts.As a result,they won't try again.In other words,they have been beaten by the failure totally.However to those optimists,the attitude is quite opposite.In their eyes,one failure doesn't mean anything,for it's just an experience that unavoidable on their way to the success.Knowing this,therefore,they will never complain od feel sad.What they will do is to calm down and find out the causes of their failures,then analyse them in order to avoid making the same mistake.

  In my view, of course,I tend to the second attitude.actually,failure is a kind of required course in our life.It is not an end but a start for us as long as we make good use of it.Thus, don't give up and give in.Remember,failure itself is not fearful.What matters is your attitudes towards it.and?fragile.They?will?lose?in?great?pain?even?suicide.?At?this?question?which?argument?is?reasonable,i?have?my?own?ideas.At?first,i?hate?failure.But?Gold?take?no?cares?and?we?always?be?a?loser?at?last.However,we?cannot?be?beat?by?the?failure,we?should?find?the?problem?solution?on?the?basic?of?failure?and?overcome?the?difficulty.?Only?in?this?way?can?the?failure?play?a?good?role.

  面对挫折的英语作文四:We Must Face Failure

  As we all know, "Failure is the mother of success." But few people can really understand what the saying means.

  In the world, I am sure that no one dare say he hasn't met any trouble all his life. So we must face failure. In fact, failure is not fearful, but important thing is how to face it correctly. Facing failure, people will never take their fate lying down.They will try their best to work harder and harder until at last they succeed.

  Not being courageous to face setbacks免费qq钻, people have no chance to enjoy the pleasure of success. So they have nothing to do but feel sad and empty all day and all night. In fact, they lose the chance of success themselves.

  My friend, whenever in trouble, please remember, "Failure is the mother of success."

  面对挫折的英语作文五:How to deal with setbacks

  In my 6 years of study and career, I encountered many setbacks. But these setbacks, no one can beat me, which has a setback let me the most imprint is engraved on my heart.

  When I was reading the fifth grade, a day to the final exam, which made me feel the hitherto unknown pressure and panic. I stayed at home all day, soon to enter the state, I put the book on the review of the knowledge points are read was a long sigh of relief. The time flies, the exam is scheduled. This morning I Chinese, English, maths exam this afternoon. Chinese book the look of the review are so examination is very easy, English also did well in the exam, which made me a little get dizzy with success. The afternoon of the math test I because of his carelessness several application problems originally very simple to the wrong, I kept saying to himself: "don't be afraid, just the wrong a few word problem buckle only buckle of more than a dozen hours, I get 80 points." When I was in comfort, but who would have thought I had only a 70 math, language 90.5 points, only 77 points. When I saw the marks, immediately silly eye, let me really want to cry but no tears, blame only themselves to blame be big with pride, thought he did well in the exam, and exam in a complete mess.

  I took the papers on the way home, the sky seems to do the like, a downpour. The cold wind whistling blowing sand, sand falling rain, thunder rumble, sounded to me this is like a sad song, listen to my heart sour. Very not easy to go home but did not dare go in, has been hovering in the doorway, has not entered. I saw dad saw my score be furious, constantly scolded me to hit me. Finally I have teeth pressed the doorbell, instead of seeing an angry face but a be courteous and accessible face. I really feel feel shy look said: "Mom, I got......." To the back of the voice is more and more small, fin免费qq钻ally small like mosquitoes a "buzz" sound. "Needless to say, we all know." The mother said quietly. I marveled: "how do you know? Don't you down?" Mother said: "I see you come back late, call your teacher, the teacher put your grades said, and that we don't hit you, teacher let you speak with him." I see light suddenly, the original is the teacher to save my life, I hurried to answer the phone said: "thank you, teacher." "No thanks, I just want to tell you something." The teacher said. Say what you want to say. I was quick to promise. "The sunshine after the rain, do not experience wind and rain, how rainbow? If you understand the meaning of this sentence, not afraid of anything like this today." Then the teacher hung up the phone.

  Yeah! Do not experience wind and rain, how rainbow, life is probably not everything is going smoothly, there will always be some ups and downs, as long as we dare to face and learn from it will not have any setbacks can beat us!


  The failure is the mother of success.But how many people are actually able to grasp the mystery?

  General speaking, people are afraid of failure.What should we fail to face?The key issues were to fail.We understand and trans免费qq钻form the world, the defeat was inevitable.Brave in face of failure is the only correct way to success of our guide.We can sum up the lesson from failure.After many mistakes, we should be close to success and believe that failure is only temporary.The failure of the people tend to be alone, around on his support, even a comforting word, can add to his great power.

  In a word,failure are not terrible. Horrible is you don't have the courage to face defeat feeling!










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